God's Blessings in LittWorld 2018

It was October 28. My heart was pounding when I went out the arrival gate in Changi airport. Who am I going to meet? Will I be able to understand the presentations? Can I communicate with other attendees? I am just a passive English speaker.... 

Now stop it. Whatever happens, happens. 

LittWorld 2018
I started to remember how this LittWorld thing started.

I joined LittWorld 2018 writing contest "The Word Made Fresh" held by Media Associates International (MAI). I failed it, but I stumbled upon the announcement of LittWorld 2018 conference on MAI website and the scholarship offer....

One afternoon, a WhatsApp message popped up on my android screen. It was Eberhard Will, asking me about LittWorld 2018. He told me that Martin Hein forwarded my email asking him whoever be a contact person for financial support. I already got a half from MAI.

I will try my best, typed Eberhard.

I  kept wiping my tears, hoping that no one in the bus wouldn't notice them. Thank You, God, for sending me kind people in the dark phase of my life. John Maust (MAI president), MAI donors, Martin, Ruth, and Eberhard-my dear German friends-and my other anonymous kindhearted sponsors.

So, I was finally there, at the conference, with other 249 attendees from 52 countries of the world! Writers, publishers, editors, illustrators, comic artists, movie makers, motivators, priests....

LittWorld 2018, 28.10-2.11

Colourful God's Creations

God is amazing Creator! I think, He loves diversity. We are the living proof, black-haired, blond-haired, bright-skinned, tan-skinned, dark-skinned humangbeings. We speak different languanges and have different cultures.

John Maust among some Indonesian.
Only the lady in the center whom
I already know before LittWorld

African (Zimbabwe), Cambodian,
Malaysian, Singaporeans,
Indonesian, Mexican

Gratitude, Humility, Expectation, Faith, Love, and Hope

We began our day with morning worship, followed by plenary session, core track (mine was nonfiction), open track (various subjects of different tracks), and ended with another plenary session or devotion.

In two different plenary sessions, Dan Elliot, the editorial director Tyndale House Publishers, spoke about gratitude, humility, expectation, faith, love, and hope.

It is the center of ministry. The answer to the question 'what God has done for me?' motivates the ministry.
Gratitude should reflect on our ministry.

My ministry is not my ministry. It is God who allows us to be a part of His work.

Have a higher level of expectation and clearity for a better future in God's plan.

It is about being disciplined in maintaining your relationship with God.

It's about reaching others.

What is your legacy for a better future in God's plan?

O, my, I have so much to improve myself in those aspects. To be a Christian writer is full of responsibilities.

Books and Books
Some speakers are authors. They shared their experiences in writing. One thing they have in common is that they speak about God in their books. They use their writing talent to ministry.

Those books above are written by Miriam Adeney, an American author and professor.

Miriam & me

At the lobby hotel, on the day everybody had to check out, she saw me and came to me. She showed some of books she wanted to give away.

"Which one do you want?"

"Pick for me, please, which you think is suitable for me."

The book below was her giveaway to me.

Yeay, a book for free!

Emily Lim was a Singaporean successful professional. One morning she woke up without a voice (she was inflicted with a quirky voice disorder called Spasmodic Dsyphonia). She gave up her job and found a new voice in writing. She has written many children's picture books.

Awarded the Bronze Medal at the 2008 IPPY Awards
(World's largest independent publishers book awards)

Emily & me

Jeanette Windle, an American author, was one of the speakers of nonfiction track. I took her class.

Jeanette. Sorry, I can't find a
better picture in my handphone

She has been writing biographies.

Giveaway book! Yippe!

Reverend Soo-Inn Tan, a Singaporean, was a dentist. God called him to ministry. He preaches, teaches, mentors, and writes.

Soo-Inn Tan's book

Soo-Inn Tan & me

New Relationship
I didn't expect to be a roommate to a writer I worked with. But being together with her for almost 5 days changed our relationship (at least from my point of view), from professional to something more personal.

LittWorld 2018 had left a trace in my heart. LittWorld 2018 was definitely a God's blessing to me.[Nancy]

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  1. So inspirational! I held my breath several times in "envy" reading this because somehow I can feel the excitement! Way to go, Nancy! (Agnes Bemoe)


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