Jejamuran, the Mushroom "Kitchen"

A visit to the so-called Jejamuran restaurant was on my family itienary in Yogya. Many people give positive comments about Jejamuran. So, we  decided to prove them.

'Jamur' means mushroom. Yup, this restaurant located on Pendowoharjo Niron, Sleman, offers a list of mushroom dishes, made of different kinds of mushroom.

At the entrance, we were asked about how many people were going to eat. Then, we received our table number, the menu and two order forms. One form was for ala carte dishes, the other was for set menu. 

A waiter took us inside to our table. It was in the main area. If you want a private dining room, I think, there are some avalaible. But you better ask the terms and conditions first.

Lunch Time!
It was heavy raining. We decided to order something hot and spicy ... tongseng jamur! Original tongseng is a beef stew or goat meat dish in curry-like soup combined with sweet soy sauce and tomato dices. In Jejamuran, the meat is replaced with  jamur merang 'straw mushroom'.

The second dish was sate jamur. Sate or satay is a dish of grilled skewered meat chunks served with nut sauce or sweet soy sauce. Again, in Jejamuran, the meat is replaced with jamur tiram 'oyster mushroom'.

The third dish was jamur crispy, crunchy mushroom. It's also made of jamur tiram.

We usually don't order any drinks than sugarfree tea. But that time, my kiddo couldn't resist the temptation by looking at the bright coloured picture of a drink. And ... one of its ingredients is mushroom too! It's called enokitake.

The dishes were delicious. The only thing we regretted was that we didn't try other dishes 😁😁 Well, we were already full.

The Man behind Jejamuran
Visitors can see some photos of the man behind Jejamuran on the walls of the exit alley. His name is Ratidjo. He has been growing mushrooms since 1968. All dishes served in Jejamuran comes from his mushroom farm. Jejamuran is his business with love and passion.

Miscellaneous Things
The atmosphere is quite nice. There are two fish ponds. The following is in the exit alley.

Right after that we find a small shop where people can buy mushroom crackers. And outside there is a corner with lovely display of mushroom plants that you can buy and grow at home.

Last but not least, the corner can be used as "photo booth". We took our picture. Here we go:

What? It suppose to be Jejamuran, not Jamuran 'moldy' 😂😂 We are awful travellers that we don't have a tongsis (tongkat narsis) ''selfie stick'. But nevermind. The thing is, we've been in Jejamuran. Mission is completed! (Nancy/pictures (c) Nancy)

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