Imperfect, Yet Purposeful

This morning I met a friend at the bus stop.

"Hey, you look great!" I said.

I did love her new haircut. She had her  smooth and straight hair short cut. Made her look young and fresh.

"Well, thank you."

I told her that I would have my hair cut, too. When my hair get long, it becomes so wavy and frizzy.

"But I like your wavy hair."

Yeah, here we go. Two people think that the grass is greener on the other side. 

In our modern competitive world, it seems normal to value ourselves materialistically. How do I look? How much do I make a year? How many assets do I have? And so on.

Among women, the first of those values plays an important role. Tan skinned want to be white, and vice versa. Those with monolid eyes want to have almond eyes. Flat-nosed want to have sharp nose. And the list goes on.

Why did God create us differently anyway when he got so much power to do the contrary?

Jesus answered that God has a purpose in our imperfection. God wants to work in each one of us (John 9:3). Were he with us now, he might say, "Come on, you people, don't sweat the small stuff! I've given you so much more than this!"

He's right. We all are imperfect, yet purposeful. Nick Vujicic is born with no arms and legs. He was once lost in his imperfection. He prayed every night, asking God to give him arms and legs to make him feel better. But God didn't fulfill Nick's request. Instead he helped Nick overcoming hard times of bullying, of self-doubt and find his path. Now he is living God's purpose to encourage people around the world to have a purpose driven life. (NS)

*This is my first writing in 2020 after
I abandoned my blog for months.

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