Another Visit to Taman Safari

Let's go to Taman Safari, I sent the message to my little sister.

Again? We've never been to Istana Panda.


So, on one cloudy Saturday we made our trip. 

We stopped by a local stall right after we drove in the main street heading to Taman Safari. We bought fresh bananas for us to nibble and carrots for some animals. 

Safari Journey, Feeding and 
No Feeding Time

Luckily it didn't rain in the conservation site. We could see the elephants, the hippos, the deers, the zebras and the other inhabitants of the animal kingdom.

Some animals were excited to welcome us. What do you bring for us? Do you have fresh food? 

Yes, we have! Here you go. Guten Appetit!

Some were not interested. They were the mighty ones. And of course we didn't dare to greet them either. The official rule says it loud: don't open your car window. Don't stop. Don't get out of your car.

Istana Panda
The safari journey ended. We headed right away to Istana Panda which has been operating since November 2017.

To our surprise, visitors should park their cars and take a bus instead at the bus shelter. I didn't notice how long it was. The road was narrow and steep. It must be the reason of using bus, instead of car.

Taking panda bus is also certainly environment-friendly.  I think, a panda bus can take circa 60 persons at a time.

Finally we were there. The air was cool. The view was so beautiful. It is a buffer zone of the national park of Gunung Gede Pangrango.

Hu Chun and Cai Tao
Both "black mask-wearing bears" came from China in 2017. In 2027 they should be returned to their homeland.

Before seeing the giant pandas, visitors  gathered in a studio to watch a short documentary movie about giant pandas.

Then, we may meet the couple. Cai Tao, the male panda. Hu Chun, the female panda.

Is it Hu Chun?

Is it Cai Tao? 

Panda loves resting. It was exactly what Hu Chun and Cai Tao did. So it was disappointing not to see them playing around.

In contrary to Hu Chun and Cai Tao, we found the red pandas in Istana Panda playing around. According to KOMPAS they are called "fire fox". A red panda is a smaller panda weighed 10-15 kg that looks like a red hairy fox.

I will definitely come again to this panda castle.

The Days I Spent with You (2)

Dear Tony,

thinking back when we first met,
I was so snob. Me, a black man, would hire you, a white man, to be my chauffeur. Me, a black great pianist, would give my best performances on piano to highly respectful white people in the South.

You and me, we were as different as chalk and cheese. You were like a water cannon. You did whatever you liked, said whatever you wanted. The impacts didn't bother you.

At some points you were so annoying, but you were right when you said,

You now, my father used to say, whatever you do, do it 100%. When you work, work. When you laugh, laugh. When you eat, eat like it's your last meal.

You enjoyed your every single moment. 

Deep down inside you were a warm-hearted man. You stood by me in my worst moments of being alone and unequally treated.

You are a family man. Every single day, you wrote a love letter to your wife (with your to-me-so-unpoetic-diction). 

And when you found out that I lost contact with my brother because of a conflict, you came right away with your words,

the world's full of lonely people afraid to make the first move.

And you made me realized that somehow I had my own wall that separated me from my own people, by not singing the favourite songs of black people and not interacting with them.

Dear Tony,

thank you for taking a part in my tour journey, my life journey.

Your Shirley

*Retold from 2018-Green Book movie, the Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay at 91st Academy Awards