Thank You (1)


"What are gonna say to your uncle, Honey?" a woman reminds her little boy who just got a bar of chocolate from his uncle. 

For a second, the boy looks starled, as if he has been stunged by a bee. "Ups." 

Then, the handsome boy gives his best smile to his uncle. "Thank you, Uncle Jeffrey." 

We all used to be children. Our parents, teachers, and other grown-ups around us, have taught us to respect others. We learned that lesson. 

Time flies and we become grown-ups. We teach our children, nephews/nieces, students, or our little neighboors, to say "thank you" everytime they get something from someone. But in the same time, we tend to "forget" that golden rule. We do know the idea, but we aren't eager to put it into practice, even toward our family members: parent(s), children, brothers, sisters, spouse, grandchildren, nephew(s), niece(s).

"Thank you", it's only two words, two simple words that mean a lot. Two simple words that can change our lives and others'. Two words that express our gratitude, love, and respect.

All of us want to be loved. Are we willing to love others, too?
All of us want to be respected. Are we willing to respect others, too? 
Have you said "Thank you?" today? 

*One of my thoughts on the verse Matthew 7:12 (Today's English Version): "Do for others what you want them to do for you: this is the meaning of the Law of Moses and of the teachings of the prophets."

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