Book to Read: Being Teens

Our life stages are the same. Every person is born as a baby, then becomes a child. As years go by, we grow up, entering the next phases named adolescence, adulthood and old age.

But, someone’s experiences in each stage are different from other’s. For example, some had a troubled adolescence. Others had a peaceful one. How come? It is the way to cope the changes that plays the most important role. Do you know all the circumstances? Are you ready to deal with the problems?  

Nowadays, teenagers and their parents are facing more and bigger problems. The high costs of living give many moms not many choices than to work. The change of life values changes the way of thinking and the way of act. Not to mention the bad impact of the information and communication technology. As parents, it is our job to get ourselves and our teens ready to live under the current circumstances so our teens won’t lose their way in their new phase of life, adolescence.

Henny Wirawan, a psychologist and a psychotherapist, wrote Being Teens: Tanya Jawab Seputar Dunia Remaja to answer the most important questions that teens and their parents may have. Questions about their being as a teen in the relations to their own body, parents, peers, and in dealing with their future.

The goal of her writing is that teens will gain informations and guidelines to become confident  human beings and men of integrity.  Last but not least, the book encourages them to strive for a great future.

published by Penerbit Libri, 84 pages, Rp29.000

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